NAMBENTô is a reinterpretation of traditional Vietnamese food in a fast feast (we made this word up) setting. Here, a simple bowl of rice is given colour with various toppings. Similarly, a flexible, festive ceiling system brings the understated wooden interior to life.
Visual motif inspired by Vietnamese folk games, and the menu.
Stacking bowls like a bento.
The ceiling system adapts to different occasions. For example, red and gold for Lunar New Year.
We developed a special rattan texture, a traditional Vietnamese material, on the cement wall.
Graphic Design: Hung Le (Reo), Linh Ngo (Abi), Giang Ong
Interior Design: Tomas Tran, Hoang Nguyen
Producer: Khiem Vo, Nhung Ho
Photographer: Thuy Truc
Creative Director: Tuan Le

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