Client: Vietnamation
Scope of work: 2016 August - 2016 October
Agency: The Lab Saigon

Project Manager: Lan Mai
Creative Director: Tuan Le, Giang Nguyen
Art Director: Anh Duy
Graphic Designers: Tam Pham, Giang Ong, Uyen Dong, Uy Le

Storyboard artist: Nguyen Dan
Illustrator: Estince

The story is one of the most famous fairytales and folktales in Vietnam.
It depicts the iconic battle between human strength against nature's forces.

Once upon a time, at the beginning of this country, there was a beautiful princess 
whose father is the very king of all lands. When she reaches the age of marriage, 
the king calls upon all mature men to come and compete with each others to be her husband. But only 2 men can truly deserve her: 
Son Tinh - The lord of mountains & Thuy Tinh - The lord of oceans. 
Whoever provides the presents that the king wants at the dawn of the next day can marry his daughter.
The presents are exotic animals and food that can only be found on land or in forest 
( that is clearly the intention of the king since he favours Son Tinh over Thuy Tinh )

Son Tinh comes in the first light of dawn and marries the princess that day. 
Feeling cheated, Thuy Tinh chases after them raises the ocean higher and higher until it floods out the entire land. 
Son Tinh raises the mountain much higher to block the water. They fight for over 3 months. 
The battle ends when Son Tinh finally defeat Thuy Tinh. 
But Thuy Tinh comes back every year trying to revenge and take the princess back.

We tried our best to illustrate the variety of Vietnam's terrain. 
It has many rivers, vast forests, high mountains, plains with colourful fields. It also has beaches and rocky islands, and desserts.

Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh fight each other over all lands, mountains and seas.

We've drawn 5 treasure cards that the king requires Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh to collect: 

A Rooster with 9 Spurs
Horse with 9 hair streams
Elephant with 9 ivories

Tons of finest rice in the lands
Tons of best cakes in the lands

The figures were designed by the Vinamation team.

After doing a certain amount of research, we were amazed and inspired by how beautiful the landscapes and culture in Vietnam are.
The rice fields shine in the sunlight, and the detailed brocades and the textiles of the people in Sapa are breathtaking.
The traditional houses of people in exotic lands were just glorious.

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